Making Changes

How Good Can It Get?

I’m not into positive psychology or sugar-coating uncomfortable emotions with pretty words. Recognizing and getting to the root of feelings, facing discomfort, and integrating those difficult places are more interesting. Facing yourself is healing not just emotionally but mentally and physically as well. Getting curious about how you operate, what you believe, why you believe […]

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These days more and more of us feel the call for demonstrating authenticity in our lives, myself included. What does that mean, and how did we lose it in the first place? Is it possible for us to be anything but who we are? It seems so. Human beings have feelings, the desire to fit

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The Threshold

I recently listened to a two-part presentation by Michael Meade called Thresholds of Change. Part one is called Standing on the Threshold. He believes we are all collectively standing on a threshold, individually, within our communities, and culturally worldwide. I agree with him.  Living in the world has changed drastically over the past couple of years. As

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