Author name: Amy Glin


I had a week full of deep work and release, just had chocolate chip cookies for dinner (homemade, of course) and don’t feel like writing much. But I do want to give you this. In the book Frankenstein*, when the monster meets his creator, he persuades the Dr. to listen to his story. He says, talking about

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Love Them All

Ever said a part of me feels like this, but another part feels like that? You’re not kidding! We all have different parts of ourselves that live inside us. When you recognize that every part of you is trying to protect you from feeling your wounds, you start having an appreciation for them. All of them –

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I’m taking a workshop about IFS, Internal Family Systems. It’s a system for healing trauma based on the parts that live within. Who hasn’t said, “A part of me feels this way and a part of me feels differently? Well, why not give those parts full voice? They have more influence on your state of

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You Are The Shit

You are beautiful. You are talented. You’ve got it going on, sisters and brothers. You are electric. You are the shit. You are da bomb. Now go out there and light the world on fire. Like lightning.  And, if you’re not feeling it, and want some help aligning to all your inherent goodness. Give me a shout. Because

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How are you?

When was the last time you asked yourself how you are? How are you Self? What do you need? What can I do to make your life easier?  Don’t accept, “I’m fine” as an answer. Stay with yourself a little longer. Check-in. See what you want, what you need. You might find out you really need

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