Uncover the belief systems that impact your internal dialogue, decisions, and outcomes.

Change Your Beliefs. Change Your Life.

It’s my passion to help you look inside yourself and find the belief systems, meanings and perceptions that hold you back from optimal daily enjoyment here on this beautiful planet.

Once recognized, simple acknowledgment begins a transformation. Subtle changes show up. As we go deeper, you will notice old patterns slipping away; you’ve stripped yourself of the defense mechanisms that kept you alive as a child but no longer serve you as an adult.

There’s no magic bullet, there will still be ups and downs, but you’ll have skills, tools and new reference points to bring you back into balance.

Schedule a free 20-minute introductory meeting today; let’s see if we’re a fit.

Kind words…

Amy’s the real thing, her fierce intelligence and compassionate and generous mind create a place of possibility and transformation. I enthusiastically encourage you to treat yourself to her work.”