Reclaim Your Authenticity

All change begins with recognizing patterns, making new choices and taking different actions. The place transformation happens, in any area of your life, is in you. 

Working with me will help you gain a new perspective. Your perceptions and beliefs about yourself, others, and what you are capable of will grow.

As your internal safety level increases, so does the allowance for feeling your feelings. This process holds the freedom, releasing the hold the past has on the present. It’s not easy. But it’s life-altering.

You’ll acquire new skills including the ability to:

  • set healthy boundaries
  • say no when you mean no
  • say yes when you mean yes
  • recognize and integrate emotions stored in your body
  • take actions that nourish you

These new choices will ripple out into your life and increase your impact, outcomes and satisfaction level in your relationships, work, and family. 

This work is somatic in nature and based on Compassionate Inquiry, Holodynamics, Addiction Recovery and Life Coaching principles.

I look forward to being your witness and guide while you make the important changes you want in your life.

Life Coaching

If you’re here, I’m guessing you want to make some changes to your life. I could write some fluffy copy telling you about all the fairy dust that will cover you, how abundance is about to flow into your life, and that if you’re reading this, cue the heavenly trumpets; it’s meant to be. But I’m not.

I will tell you that making changes in your beliefs and perceptions requires something of you; honesty, flexibility, and humor. You have to be willing to look at your past to step fully into the present.

You’ll uncover the hidden emotions that influence your choices and run your life without you even knowing it. You’ll begin to recognize and take the steam out of the triggers that lead to knee-jerk reactions impacting relationships with family, friends, and business associates.

You will be witnessed and listened to, heard. You will learn to engage the compassion you aim towards others with yourself and step into your wholeness. I help you help yourself.

Body Mind Spirit Braiding

Unresolved fear, anger, and shame often show up when you least expect it, causing reactions in the present based on unrelated experiences from the past. In other words, you get triggered.

In a Body, Mind, Spirit Braiding session, I facilitate a conversation between you and your subconscious to identify the places your unresolved emotions, unspoken feelings and childhood patterns live in your body.

Once identified, recognized and given a voice, these stored memories mature, absorb and integrate. When emotions and old belief systems evolve, you gain access to your authentic self. You can respond to life events in present time instead of reacting with automatic behaviors you wish you could change based on unmet needs from your past.


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