G.O.D. The Novel

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my novel, G.O.D., a semi-autobiographical journey toward the seeming magic life offers when you pay attention, listen, and acknowledge. Is it magic or simply unknown laws?

In other words…

What if the real Book of Laws was stolen, rewritten and distributed as the Bible, leaving out the good parts?

You would think that Lord of the Galactic Order of Demonstration (G.O.D.) would know everything. He’s speechless when he finds out he doesn’t. It turns out his son, Chip, who was Jesus in a previous life, never distributed G.O.D.’s Book of Laws to the residents of Earth.

Cretin, head of the Elite Global Order (E.G.O), stole the Book. His cabal rewrote it and distributed a version called The Bible, introducing a punishing God while leaving out the essential points of how the earth plane operates. They used it to gain control and manipulate souls.

Chip is ordered to return to Earth and hire publicist, Nanette Kenyon, to right this wrong. But Nanette has her issues and must embody and learn to live by The Laws before promoting them. Knowledge is only the beginning…

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Note from me:

It’s been a long journey bringing this book into being. One of the story’s premises is that we live in an interactive field. Through asking, paying attention, and listening, life unfolds thusly, and you know just what to do. You know when to act and when not to act – this can be a difficult distinction to enact. The mindset of the Western world is to go, go, go, push through at any cost. You learn it in school and perpetuate it until you recognize life might not be about that.

When I finished writing this novel in 2017, I felt an indescribable rush of sensation through my body. Allowing myself to feel it, I recognized that it was a sense of gratitude I didn’t remember feeling before. Not the gratitude, as in, what are you grateful for? Make a list. I didn’t have it; it had me. It felt like a powerful force of alignment, and I understood something I couldn’t put into words.

At that point, finishing the nine-year trek and completing the book was all that mattered. I didn’t have any va-va-va-voom around publishing it. Traditional routes with all the pomp and circumstance around even getting it read wasn’t my jam, and I didn’t know enough about self-publishing to take that route either. I simply wasn’t motivated. And here’s where the listening comes in: maybe it wasn’t its time.

I say maybe because who knows? Five years passed, and in October 2022, I left Colorado and hit the road to find a place to live. I signed up for a pet-sitting site and traveled throughout the Pacific Northwest, meeting new people and taking care of their animals.

During this journey, I visited a friend on Denman Island (off the coast of Vancouver Island in Canada.) It happened to be during the Denamn Writers and Readers Festival. I signed up for a course on the ins and outs of self-publishing, figuring I would walk out of the classroom with a renewed vigor to move forward and publish my book enthusiastically. Wrong! I left saying that myself, “That’s way too much frigging work.” However, knowing what it takes to publish on my own was essential in the whole thing coming together.

A few weeks later, a friend referred me to someone in Los Angeles who needed their house taken care of for a month, and their tortoise looked after and fed hibiscus flowers. Even though I had vowed not to return to LA for a long while, something inside me told me to say yes. So, I left the fertile, green lushness of the Pacific Northwest and headed to southern California.

Down the street from where I was staying was a little library. I love those! In it, I found a sweet little book, which I thoroughly enjoyed reading, that mentioned a website for buying premade book covers. I checked it out within minutes and found the perfect cover for my book, and from there, I had to continue. It was time. It is time.

As I traversed all the decisions required to bring a book to market, my stomach in knots, I marveled that any books ever get published. And yet, they do. Looking back on it, I wonder what the big deal was.