How Good Can It Get?

I’m not into positive psychology or sugar-coating uncomfortable emotions with pretty words. Recognizing and getting to the root of feelings, facing discomfort, and integrating those difficult places are more interesting. Facing yourself is healing not just emotionally but mentally and physically as well. Getting curious about how you operate, what you believe, why you believe it and how your beliefs impact your life, relationships, careers, every aspect of your existence allows you to make changes.

The whole of our past creates our present-day outlook. Beliefs get installed early in life, then, through our thoughts and actions, reveal themselves as THE truth instead of OUR reality. As the way that it is, instead of ideas you were taught or beliefs you adopted to survive.

With all that being said, it’s interesting to play with life. To get curious about how taking on different approaches can change your outcomes. To recognize how dismantling perceptions based on erroneous beliefs affect all aspects of your life.

One way I enjoy playing with life is recognizing the interactive field in which we live. Call it Spirit, call it God, call it a Higher or Inner Power, call it whatever you want, but this is what I know, through experience, through deciding to ask, listen to, and acknowledge this connective field – that when I set an intention or ask a question, I get an answer. It may be instantaneous; it may be in weeks, days, months or years. Frequently by the time I get an answer, I forgot I asked the question. But, when I ask and wait, things are revealed to me in numerous, sometimes surprising ways. It can be through difficulties showing up to help me build strengths I asked to cultivate or beautiful moments to affirm my acknowledgment of receiving an answer. It can be a friend calling and saying just the right thing or pissing me off. A song on the radio that croons just what I need to hear. Someone showing up or calling just at the right moment. A billboard or a license plate. The field works in mysterious ways.

Along those lines, one way I invite you to play with this amazing field we live in is to ask the ethers every morning, “How good can this day get?” How good can it get? There are other versions of this sentiment, “How good can life get? Is this as good as it gets? It doesn’t matter which question you ask; it only matters that you pay attention to what shows up once you begin.

Today it almost slipped by me. This morning I asked the question, How good can this day get? At that point in time, I had plans for a zoom meeting at noon and time set aside to put together this Journal. Shortly after my coffee, a friend texted me and wrote, “Hey, I had a massage client cancel – would you like a 100-minute massage for $75? I asked myself who I wanted to offer this to, and you popped into my head.” I was on the table when it came to me; this is how good this day can get, yippee!!!

The point of all this is to play with the field. Have fun. 

Behind the scenes, here on Spaceship Earth* there’s so much going on that if you only interact with what you can see or allow your life to be run by old beliefs that no longer serve you, you’re missing out. And you don’t have to.

*coined by Buckminister Fuller

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