Kilchurn Castle, Loch Awe in Scotland

I had a week full of deep work and release, just had chocolate chip cookies for dinner (homemade, of course) and don’t feel like writing much.

But I do want to give you this.

In the book Frankenstein*, when the monster meets his creator, he persuades the Dr. to listen to his story. He says, talking about his senses coming online, “I was delighted when I first discovered that a pleasant sound, which often saluted my ears, proceeded from the throats of the little winged animals who had often intercepted the light from my eyes.”

When I read the above sentence, awe of our incredible world arose within me. I was reminded of the absolute wonder of nature, animals, birds, and bees. The astonishing mechanism of this body we live in, the planet we inhabit and the connectedness of everything.

Awe isn’t even enough. It’s a few letters put together to try and capture something that there are indeed no words for. 

If, upon reading this, if just for one moment, you revel in the majesty of existence, my purpose for writing this brief note will be achieved. 

*If you haven’t read this classic – I recommend taking the time. I know I’m about 200 years late to the party, but it’s really something.

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