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Choose Guilt Over Resentment

I’ve been studying Compassionate Inquiry, an approach founded by Dr. Gabor Maté and put together by Sat Dharam Kaur for helping clients recognize belief systems that do not serve them, identify the difference between feelings and perceptions and heal trauma. It’s important to discern between perceptions and feelings because perceptions can be explored, altering your […]

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It happens every day, more than once. It happened just before I began writing this, and it will happen before I’m finished. Distraction. Jumping back and forth between this and that, making tea, running to the store, taking a victory lap because I wrote a good sentence. I need some water. Calling a friend instead

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I love the tarot card in the photo of the week*. The first time I drew it, I was in awe of its beauty and sentiment.  Patience demonstrated by the cycles of the moon and the nine months it takes to be born. Two phenomenons that cannot be sped along by willpower, desire or throwing

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Positive Guilt

No matter how beneficial, the emotion of guilt is uncomfortable. For instance, when you’ve done something you wish you hadn’t or said something you wish you didn’t or when you didn’t do or say something you wish you had. The feeling of guilt rises within and it’s everything you can do to stay in your

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Learning Hakomi

Yesterday, through the training I’m taking with Gabor Mate, I participated in an experiential workshop in something called Hakomi. Hakomi is a somatic, mindfulness-based approach to psychotherapy. We didn’t talk much about the modality, and I still don’t know a lot about it — but after experiencing the approach, I’m interested in learning more. I

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